sula Zinfandel

best red wine
sula zinfandel

Our Sula Zinfandel wine is an extraordinary blend that embodies a generous spirit, luscious fruit-forward flavors, and a delightful hint of playfulness. This structured and balanced red wine gracefully showcases its delightful plum and dark berries notes, creating an enchanting sensory experience.

Crafted with utmost care and a deep commitment to the environment, our Zinfandel wine is a testament to our adherence to rigorous sustainable practices.

Savor the essence of Zinfandel, the epitome of finesse, as you embark on a journey that unites impeccable taste and environmental consciousness. Let our Zinfandel wine become your guide, revealing the beauty and charm of the Nashik Valley like never before.

Join us in exploring the allure of our stunning vineyard, immersing yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of our Tasting Room, and experiencing the splendor of our luxurious vineyard resort, The Source. Nestled amidst the picturesque rolling hills of Nashik Valley, this is where our passion for Zinfandel comes to life.


  • Grape Varietal

    100% Zinfandel.

    Suggested Pairing

    Curries, cold cuts,
    spicy noodles

  • Flavours

    Aromas of red berries, blackberries, plums & hints of cinnamon.

    Wine Highlights

    India’s first Zinfandel.
    15% of the blend is aged in American oak barrels to add complexity to the wine. Silver medal winner at the 2018 India Wine Awards.

best red wine
best zinfandel
sula zinfandel wine
sula zinfandel wine
top zinfandel
sula zinfandel wine

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